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Guix bootstrapping project[edit]

This project aims to resolve self hosted compilers used in the Guix project. The bootstrap stages so far:

  • (stage0/mescc-tools) Building up from hex to mes
  • (GNU Mes/mescc) A c compiler written in scheme, able to build tcc.
  • (tcc-boot) guix package, the result of mes.
  • Using tcc-boot, glibc, binutils, gcc, and linux can be built.

OCaml bootstrapping (done)[edit]

This project has successfully bootstrapped OCaml 4.07:

It should be possible to build later versions using it.

Aesop, a Pascal and Nim bootstrap[edit]

Old Nim versions require FPC; FPC requires FPC. The Aesop (An Extensive Subset of Object Pascal) compiler aims to bootstrap it.

Listing bootstrappable compilers[edit]

  • gcc via tcc
  • golang via gcc-go
  • rustc via mrustc
  • maru
  • tarot via tinyscheme
  • groovy
  • zig (via zig-bootstrap)

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