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GUIX bootstrapping project

This project aims to resolve self hosted compilers used in the GUIX project. There are a number of components already:

  • (stage0/mescc tools) Building up from hex to mes
  • (Mes/MesCC) A c compiler written in scheme, able to build tcc.
  • (tcc-boot) guix package, the result of mes.
  • .. investigate building {binutils,glibc,gcc} using tcc-boot.

Ocaml bootstrapping

Investigate bootstrapping the Ocaml compiler.

One possible path: translate ocaml code into scheme, and bootstrap the compiler off of that.

Listing bootstrappable compilers

  • gcc via tcc
  • golang via gcc-go
  • rustc via mrustc
  • maru
  • tarot via tinyscheme
  • groovy

(expand this list)