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Coquillage means seashell in French. I could have come up with some deep symbolism, but that's a waste of time since I simply like the word.

Coquillage is also what I'm calling a large project of mine. There's a lot of research that I need to be doing so I'll be brief. This is a bootstrapping project that, theoretically, will someday yield a custom CPU that can run a basic Lisp implementation, a simple operating system, and more.

The project is in its infancy, but I plan to use this wiki page to document all my research and progress along the way. This research, along with any code I accumulate, is free, both as beer and speech, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. Feel free to take my designs and code and use them in your own projects, just keep them free and follow the license terms. Also, I'd like to ask for some sort of credit somewhere, but I don't require it, obviously.

Thank you for your interest. Now, I begin.